Are You Ready for Black Friday?

The biggest shopping day of the year is almost here! Are you ready for the madness of Black Friday? We at Buy USA Quality know how important it is to get those great deals in time for the holidays so read on for some tips on how to snag the very best discounts on all your holiday gifts!


  1. Have a list ready

Walking into a store on Black Friday can be an overwhelming experience with colorful displays everywhere and blaring Christmas music. Having a list with everything you need, right down to the brand, size, color and price can help you stick to what you need and not get distracted or make impulse buys. Make your list as precise as possible and buy only what is on it to avoid overspending.


  1. Get there early

This might seem obvious, but lines at popular stores often begin hours or even days before Black Friday even dawns. Coordinate with family members or friends to get there early and take turns standing in line. Check ahead of time when stores open as many will have special hours during Black Friday. Remember stores will be packed, so take caution and be prepared for crowded conditions.


  1. Do your research

Smart consumers will often start looking at prices of desired products and compare them to last years prices to be sure they are getting a good deal. It’s also wise to know a retailer’s return or price matching policy. Over 20% of stores participate in price matching, yet many do not promote it. Check with the retailer before shopping about their special offers.


  1. Sign up for promotions

A lot of big retailers offer promotions via their Facebook or Twitter pages. Following them on these sites will give you insight to when product deals arise. Signing up for promotional emails will also alert you to special deals and offers before others.


  1. Cyber Monday

Didn’t get what you were looking for on Black Friday? Try again on Cyber Monday!In fact, the vast majority of Black Friday deals can be found online. Avoid the crowds all together by doing your shopping online from the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to use Buy USA Quality to ship your goods to anywhere in the US or select regions of Africa! For all of your shopping and shipping needs, Buy USA Quality is there!