Everyday shipping service to Egypt with Buy USA Quality

Trust Buy USA Quality (BUSAQ) when you need goods shipped from the USA to the Suez Canal Terminal in Egypt! We at BUSAQ will pick your parcel up from one of our secure pick up locations in the US and ship to Egypt with every attention to detail and the highest level of customer service. With our expedited shipping system, your parcel will get through customs and to its destination with ease.  You can rest easy knowing your parcel is in safe, competent hands and will be delivered to Egypt safely and on schedule. We offer shipping by sea and air to better fit your personal and financial needs.


Shipping by Air

For parcels weighing 200 pounds or less, we at BUSAQ recommend shipping by air. Items that are shipped via air arrive from the US to Egypt within 7 to 10 business days. Visit here to learn more about BUSAQ’s air shipping options.


Shipping by Sea

BUSAQ recommends shipping by sea if you are shipping a full container load or any parcel that is more than 500 lb. Shipping by sea in containers like boxes, drums or barrels will help you save! This makes shipping by sea a good option when shipping relocation boxes or business supplies. Visit here to learn more about BUSAQ’s ocean freight options.