Get your parcel to Takoradi safely and securely with Buy USA Quality!

Shipping valuable property overseas can be a stressful experience. That’s where Buy USA Quality (BUSAQ) comes in! With our unique shipping and deliver service, you can rest assured your parcel is handled with the utmost care.  We offer an expeditious fright service from the USA to Takoradi, Ghana . In the US, a BUSAQ representative will pick your parcel up from any of the 50 states and ship it overseas to Ghana with the attention to detail and professionalism your parcel deserves. We offer shipping by sea and air to better fit your personal and financial needs.


 Shipping by Air

For parcels 200 lbs or less in weight, we at BUSAQ recommend shipping by air fright.  We have partnered with several airlines to ensure the best possible financial and safety options. Once picked up from you by a BUSAQ representative, the item should arrive in Takoradi within 7-10 business days. Calculate shipping rates and contact us to book your shipment!

 Shipping by Sea

Shipping full container loads (FCL), or less than container loads (LCL) such as drums, barrels or any parcel that weighs more than 200 lb by sea rather than air will actually help you save! Buy USA Quality has many options for shipping by sea from the US to Takoradi, Ghana. Request an ocean freight quote.