Post-Holiday Deals; where to find them and buy them!

Santa Claus has come and gone, the presents are unwrapped, the cookies eaten, and the egg nog drunk. Seems like all the excitement of the holiday is over, right?


Did you know that the time right after Christmas is a fantastic time to scoop up fantastic deals from retailers trying to get rid of excess holiday stock? Read on for some tips on how to snag some fabulous post-holiday bargains!

One of the best things to purchase after the holiday are actually holiday decorations! Christmas tree ornaments and other accoutrements go on sale for a few weeks right after Christmas. Stock up now while prices are low in preparation for next year. Some of our favorite places to buy Christmas ornaments and decorations are Bronners, Pottery Barn, and Macy's.

Hold off on buying that new flat screen until after the holidays! New electronics including TV’s and other media products are introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, USA in January. After these products are introduced and put on the market, old models can be purchased at steep discounts, as retailers want to get them off their shelves to make room for the new products. Check online stores like Amazon, BestBuy, and WalMart for some great electronics deals in late January through February!

Like electronics, a lot of furniture trade shows happen in January and February. New designs and models are stocked in stores, which means last year’s models must go! Shop for all your furniture needs during the end of December and January to grab some discounts. Some websites will even offer free shipping! We at Buy USA Quality like to buy our furniture from Ikea, and Pier 1 Imports.

Some websites are specifically designed to help you find the very best after-Christmas deals. We really like Dealio, The Bargainist, TechBargains and DealNews. These sites are all easy to use, efficient and helpful! They organize deals according to category and are frequently updated. Check back with these sites in the days after Christmas to catch new items coming on sale.

As always, trust Buy USA Quality with handling all your purchasing and shipping needs in the US, Ghana, and other select African nations.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Buy USA Quality