Frequently Asked Questions

The basic idea is very simple: Think of BUSAQ as your personal shopping assistant or purchasing department. Depending on your type of account with us, you can do your own purchases directly with any number of vendors within the USA and have it shipped to our processing center. If your account does not permit direct purchase or you need assistance with your purchase we will gladly do it for you. We will bill you for the shipping and insurance cost. Once this is paid, we send your items to your home or a delivery location near you

We accept payment by bank deposit or cash. You may make payment at several local banks. Simply select a bank that is convenient for you to get to and make your payment using the account details found provided.We are constantly adding to the list of participating banks so check back often. Cash payments can also be made at our local office, click here for our office location

Just about anything can be received through BUSAQ, except items considered dangerous or not permitted for freight by aviation regulations, including ammunition, fireworks, and certain hazardous chemicals, and items banned by import/export regulations. When in doubt, please contact BUSAQ before shipping such items.

Packages of just about any size can be received through BUSAQ, however items in excess of 40 kilos in weight and 2 meters in length may require special handling and must be confirmed by BUSAQ before shipment. Please call us for a confirmation.

Insurance is optional, however if insurance is requested, it will be carried at 2% of the declared value of each item. Proof of delivery to our Pennsylvania, USA  office is required for all insurance claims. If you do not want your packages insured, you will be required to sign a refusal form. BUSAQ is not liable for items withheld or detained by customs in the destination country.

BUSAQ is not responsible for customs or other destination charges or levies. We encourage all customers to check with local customs / import offices for any applicable rules and regulations as well as import axes and fees. 

It depends on your type of account. If your account is a premium account you will have a unique shipping address that you can use to send your packages directly to our USA processing center. Packages received from unauthorized accounts will be refused.  If you have any questions please call us. You can also call us to arrange a package pickup from any location within the 50 United States, parts of Western Europe and Mainland China and Hong Kong

Yes, we can provide pick-up services for packages that you want sent to you in Africa from all 50 United States. We have a global network so we are also capable of picking packages from select Western Euoropean countries, Mainland China and Hong Kong. There is an additional fee for this service. Contact us and speak with an agent for details.

Yes, we can deliver your package anywhere in select countries in Africa. There is an additional fee for this service.

Yes. Insurance costs are included in the shipping cost estimate. If you do not want your packages insured, you will be required to sign a refusal form.

BUSAQ pays customs duty and any other levies for all packages entering your particular country.  BUSAQ is not liable for items withheld or detained by customs.