For Your Personal Shopping

BUSAQ offers a number of services that are tailored to the individual. 

Shopping Assistance

Buy USA Quality is your online shopping assistant here to help you shop online and have your purchase delivered directly to you wherever you are at a price you can afford. No credit card? No problem! Pay for your purchases in local currency or US dollars at an approved BUSAQ location send your payment via bank wire and BUSAQ will take care of shopping for you. Request a free quote now!

Alternately, shop at any online site you want and have the items delivered to your BUSAQ forwarding address in the USA. This option is suitable for those who have access to some form of online payment system such as a credit card or Paypal.  If you don't have an credit card or Paypal simply request a free quote and BUSAQ will shop for you.

Package Pickup Service

Do you have a product in the USA that you would like picked up and delivered to another country? BUSAQ can arrange to pickup your item from all 50 United States. Request a free pickup quote

Basic Shipping

If you're just looking for basic shipping service then this is also for you. Just have your item delivered to your BUSAQ forwarding address  and BUSAQ will forward to the final destination address or country.

BUSAQ Payments

Do you need to pay a service fee such as a USA student visa fee, exam registration fee, school fees, domain registration fees, conference registration fees etc, then BUSAQ has a solution for you. Simply contact us with the details for a price quote.