International ocean shipping freight quote

Important Instructions

Use this form to request a quote for shipping general cargo by sea / ocean transport. Please note that there is a 600 USD minimum freight charge for ocean shipping. For smaller shipments, please consider using our air service. Use our online air shipping calculator to obtain shipping rates and contact us when you are ready to ship. To ship a car or motor vehicle use the motor vehicle shipping form to request a quote.

Cargo Origin Address
The origin address is the address where your cargo is located.
We can pickup your cargo from the origin address for an additional fee or you can choose to arrange delivery of your cargo to the nearest shipping terminal.
Please be as specific as possible
Example rectangular containers such as cardboxes
5 pieces 20 inches X 20 inches x 20 inches at 100 lb, total weight: 100 lb
Example for cylindrical containers such as drums/barrels
2 barrels 24 inches diameter X 35 inches height
The total weight of all cargo in this shipment
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